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Still there is some crooks in Rolex Purchase in Hong Kong!

shops which has made unlawful deals

HK has been a shopping paradise since 80’s I am sure with the developing of adjacent cities like Singapore, Seoul, K.L, Bangkok, Hong Kong’s would still be the top shopping centre for locals and foreigners?
Yes, by right it is, as Hong Kong is still a tax free port, Not VAT, No Purchase tax, No tax on watches, Red wine.
After HK Dollar was pegged with US dollar in 1983, the value of Hong Kong is no longer amongst the highest in Asia, I used to get One SGD for 1.9HKD in 1982, now One Singapore Dollar is 6.2 HK Dollars!

I used to get 120RMB with 100 HKD, now 100 HKD can get as much as 80 RMB, our money is low which is good for export and shopping.

There are bad deals, crooks and cheats in Hong Kong, though that was only a very numbers of cases but this but still we need to exercise with care.
1. We have seen a US tourist buying a zoom lens at the shop, but it becomes a bottle of “Coca Cola” by time returned the Hotel, however police cannot help on the case as the invoice address was not existed in HK. ( He did not check the address on the invoice)

2. A case that Japanese bought a camera using cash for better discount,  he gave the money to one chap be believed was the sales man of the shop, but after 10 minutes he found out that he is gone. And the shop keepers kept saying that he did not aware he gave money to anyone…! He was cheated. (Bad Shop at TST). Police has been reported with complaints on the shop, but the closed and open somewhere with another Shop name.

A recent case in July, a Thai bought a used Franken Rolex SeaDweller, with paper and box with HKD$40,000, (good Deal, right?) It seems to be a good deal, but when he returned Bangkok, he found that the bracelet was from a Submariner. He complained by phone, mail but no response from the shop any more. That is a Shop in TST area. He asked me to expose this case to the internet but I think we should be more alert when we buy watch in Hong Kong. (a good reputable shop should list down on the invoice the watch case, S/N, the bracelet model No. on the invoice)

So What should we do?
1. Go trustful shops, approved Shop list from the Tourist Centre of HK

2. Check carefully on the invoice on the terms, some of the shop writes “Goods cannot be returned, nor refund” Then you should beware. Verify the address on the invoice, does it cope with the shop address you visit?

3. Buy always in Big Authorized Dealer, that is safest way!
Yes, the discount is not that attractive, but that is your decision to have a better discount or a better comfort and assurance of the watch you buy for years.

What we should check when we buy Rolex?

These are the items you may use as a counter check for verification.

1. Serial no. Of the watch is same on the Rolex warranty card and Shop invoice.

2. Check the laser Rolex logo under the sapphire at 6 o’clock position, is it clearly cut, sharp?

3. Check if there is Q code on left side tape on the watch.

4. Inspect the dial for defect or dust on the dial. (dust?  Yes, something but very rare, QC issue)

5. Check for signs like bluster or bubbles by re-taping on the watch sides, there is difficulties to remove and put back the tape outside Rolex factory. If it happens, the watch has been used not a brand new.

6. Check for shop mistakenly or purposely give you smaller or old box of different design. As they want to purge out all old boxes. Try to put the watch into the box and see if it could be close properly.

You should have these when you buy Rolex:
~The Watch
~The right Box
~The Warranty card with Country Code “888” in Hong Kong.
~The Manual
~Rolex Service Booklet
~Invoice listed down price, S/n and date of purchase of the watch
-  The Joys and Happiness to buy a genuine Rolex!

Shops that is situated in most expensive area selling low margin goods such as handphones, Camera and Chinese medicine, dried seafood...You should be alert when you buy in that kinds of shops. As normally they cannot recover their cost by selling goods via normal way of doing Business in that area.
The Electronics shop is characterized with a lot of of sales, say 6~8 sales in a small shop of 300 square feet. They were suspected with dealing money laundry monkey business too.

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Khee Kuan said...

Good,day, just wanted to check with you Rolex purchased from Macau also carries 888 country code?

HK Snob said...

Khee Kuan
I think so, as I cna not find macao on the Country Code list. and Most of the macao watch is under HK Dealer, anyway, I will aks Rolex Again tomorrow... On 1234 already, Today... later

Thanks for such a good question.

Good night...

HK Snob