Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Rolex Submariner 16613 sold.

This is The FIRST Amazon Fire Phone appeared in Hong Kong as the owner is the Designer of the major component (Camera ) on this Phone came to Visit me in HK today 2 Aug 2014
This Phone has 6 Cameras with 4 at corners to detect the head movement to re-generate the
3D motion Picture and Video! A Ingenious Awesome Design!

This Gentleman is so humble and decent, a technology Guru, holds a few Semicon assembly patents and he is one of the designers of the new Amazon Fire Phone coming in USA market now.

However he bought this Rolex 16613 Today at a very Decent price from a Friend of mine at Peninsular Hotel Lobby Afternoon tea. The whole process took just 10 minutes, as the watch has been serviced by Rolex, like new. That 16613 is a Superb watch for daily wearing. He has no way to resist the watch for his price… Guess how much!?

A man of this calibre has a great taste in Watch and he is also a car maniac of has three Porsche boxer ( different colour!) I always say this is weird, also  GTR, A8, Mercedes S600, BMW…

J.P. Morgan elite Palladium Visa Signature card itself is made of a rare silver metal that resembles platinum and 23 karat gold with laser engraved cardholders information which alone gives the card a value of $1,000.  The card holds an annual fee of only $600!  There is of course no preset spending limit.

Some of the perks included are unlimited complimentary access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide, Marquis Jet 1-hour bonus flight time, top-tier concierge service and various other travel and purchase benefits.  In fact it might actually be harder than getting the Visa Black Card or Ampex Centurion Card.

The Palladium card is only offered to private banking clients of J.P. Morgan Private Bank, Investment Bank, Treasury Services or Commercial Bank where the average client has $30 million in an account!
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