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Shall we go for a James Bond's Life style!?

Many people like to Buy a Luxury Bag, German and Italian Cars, as every brand carries ome Brand value.
One day, my daughter comes to me and said: I want MK Bag, another daughter said, I like Miu Miu ( the Cat!?_ so I thought what MK is? Mong Kok!? She said No, Michael Kors, Later I found that they are some of the most famous Luxury brands for bag…

As What we have learnt the brand name of certain product can take up 90% of the total value of the Company, Just the name, as they have been working for years to build that Integrity, a name of Quality, Commitment and that could give customer 100% total Satisfaction.

The owner of the Pagani was a subcontractor for Ferrari’s chassis. And the owner had made a proposal to top management to Ferrari to use their body design, but of course, Ferrari did not take his idea and kicked him out of the door. This Argentinean then started to build his own company. This Small company of 40 people, as their idea was proven right by utilizing the carbon fibre composite frame work of the car, it can have a better horse power per Litre of combustion… and a stronger chassis to “grab” every inch of the road ahead!

Many successful brands have it own story… here is some of them.

Linn Sondek has been making LP-12 Turn table since 1973, still one of the top 3 every years for the Audiophiles, there has been having a lot of issues on set-up, but that is part of the fun for the Audiophile, there are numerous upgrade on the main system: power Supply, bearing, Spring…the upgrade seems never ending, but each component provide you some improvement, that is what the Audio Maniacs want.

Koetsu MC cartridge
Every time I visit Audiophile shops, half-expecting to see a selection of Koetsu cartridges among the chronographs and the fountain pens. Why not? Some Koetsus are crafted from precious materials such as Jade, Onyx —and all of them can claim to being both high-tech and handmade. More to the point, some hobbyists say that these handmade Japanese pickups are the best you can buy.
Koetsu cartridges are made in small quantities by Fumihiko Sugano—the son of Koetsu's founder, the late Yoshiaki Sugano. The elder Sugano, who came and went with the 20th century, created the basic Koetsu cartridge design, pioneering the use of high-purity metals in particular, and naming the company after his ancestor and role model, the 16th-century artisan Honami Koetsu.

Nowadays, most of sought after was those cartridge made in 1980’s hand crafted by Yoshiaki Sugano. Some of them are asking for US$6,000 and more after using for a few years! Amazing!

If you are pen collector, I am sure you would like to buy some of the pens, as I always use Fountain pen to write, to drawing and to make note during a sales meeting…

These Montblanc 1929 big Red, Parker 1920 snake pen, Watermans Patrician 1929 , and the Dunhill Namiki , who had made some of the most daunting hand crafted pen in the 30s’ they are all collectible items. Well, if you do not write with Fountain pen, you might not know how good the pen could possibly write… it is a piece of art.

Technology could not be copied, like B&W Nautilus, many similar designs have been copied like the enclosed non-symmetric spiral hollow tube for absorbing the reflection, and the use of titanium or diamond coated diaphragm on the super tweeter.

You cannot easily (In fact I should say very difficult) copy the same sweet musical reproduction B&W make. As there is a lot of tuning know-how inside each of the manufacturing process of the loudspeaker and the choice of right material.

Rolex is not the typical example, they product some of the best reliable, everything design since 1956, Amongst all models: Submariner, Explorer, Yacht master, GMT Master, Daytona, Air King, the Day Date being the flag ship line of Rolex is no question one of the most beautiful functional time piece business man or watch collector like to get…

Though you have money, yet you may not able to buy some of the watches, like Daytona Rainbow., now Rolex AD accepts to have full payment first, then asking client to wait for 3 months. If Rolex could deliver you  that watch, you are the lucky one… there are 80% they will refund you as they does not able to find good enough of Rainbow gems on the bezel…

If you have Daytona Rainbow, please take good care of it…
Ian Fleming created the Character “James Bond” who wears Rolex, drives Aston Martin, always have  a lot of sexy women naked in his bed, who does not have a dream to be : James bond!? I used to dream to be an Asian James Bond of 4’ 14”… No way, I don't have any DNA of What Ian had described a James Bond should be…

Nowadays if you have money you can buy all these but there still take a bit wisdom on how to make the choice on what, when how to buy, that is the process of making yourself a HAPPY man.

As always we envy a man who has time, money, and passion to find the watches he likes, the Telefunken ECC803 tubes in Sham Shui Po, of the Western Electric WE300B tubes from e-bay…. Some of the best LPs from Au Yau at Sino Centre or AH Paul of Sham Shui Po? Or some of the 60S Rolex Submariner from Kuen Kee and Lung Shing!?
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