Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams died on Monday 11 August at home.

When I landed Manila this morning, just had a chance to pick up tis news!
I am sad as Robin is one of my favourite actors, I still remember I watch the movie Good Morning Vietnam (1987)  and the later one The Bicentennial Man (1999).
These are two Robin’s movies I cannot forget, the first one is comedy with a finale episode of those Bombing Saigoon killing famers, civilians at same time Louis Armstrong Sings “What a Beautiful World”…very touching.  I am sure this sentimental scene make more people knows about this fabulous song of Louis Armstrong. The picture was mostly shot in Bangkok instead of Vietnam, ranked 4th highest grossing film in 1987. Chintara Sukapatana is very pretty in the Movie!
Similarly the beautiful song also appears in the last two minutes of the movie "Madeline".

As for the Bicentennial man, the story was touching as if you see you beloved one getting old and died in your arms… That keep telling us to pay attention to those who you love, care for your friends and relatives.
Robin dies at age of 63, this is a loss of those who loves him.
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