Saturday, December 26, 2015

Shopping Rolex Daytona in Quark Osaka Shinbaibashi Scent Centre

Whilst Japanese yen is still its low  comparing with HK Dollars,
It is not a bad idea for your shopping into the Rolex Shop in Japan.

This gentleman stopped into this Quark at Shinsaibashi Scent Building at Osaka today to get a good deal for his beloved Daytona Tow Tone. 

I don't think Tow tone Daytona (ref 116523) is not as good as stainless steel for younger people.

The price shown here is Yen 1,731,389 tax free for Daytona two tone with Diamond

Yen 1,249,909 for Daytona Two tone no diamond

After Conversion base on today HKD Yen Ex-rate (640)

The diamond one is HKD$110,808

The ordinary with no diamond  is HKD$96,000

Finally he used his Union Pay EPS card to pay at the Two Tone no diamond with HKD$96,000 Which is Good price. same as the gray dealer price of the same watch in HK.

Rolex Shop has to get the quota for the year, so it might be the best time for Shopping in Japan in these few days.

I don't think they will give such further discount  in January.

But if you pay by VISA card, the final price you pay will be somewhat 3% more...

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