Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I am not a Voodooist

HK Snob
I am not Voodooist, I am just an ordinary man of 58, I am a sales for some of the equipment for Electronics Industry…, and I work with my team to break another sale record this year, after record high 2014.  So what!
… my salary adjustment is not enough for me to buy a plastic Swiss watch band!  Probably I should say a Silicone Swiss Watch band… Though I am very proud of myself… all my subordinate has master, Ph.D degree but for me I am just a college drop-out….
I had no Bachelor Degree, I still remember I went to my daughter school to Fcuk the teacher as the way she criticized my daughter home work. I told my daughter her, study does not mean everything… sometimes it may be your hurdle. I am not trying to saying not to study, once if you had chance, go study. But don't force yourself into it… your talent may not be in that area…..

I have a lot of good friend and a lot of hobby that keeps me busy… I do writing, painting, I make my own Analogue Audio Amplifier. Now I am doing Watch Polishing, I think it is good that I can polished my Rolex… Well, don't say you will not buy my Rolex as it is not polished by Rolex Service Centre… With the proper teaching and tools I can say My Polishing could be as perfect as you can get at Rolex Service Centre.,.. you know why, Because I care my watch…

Still have a bottle of Chateau Lafift 1990 left in my hotel room

I like old stuff as much as I Iove myself as I myself a Walking Antique…

I used to drink those top 5 plus Petrvs of course I cannot afford a bottle of DRC… that is a price of a Rolex Day Date…wait one day… Someone says once in your life you got to drink a bottle of Petrvs or even a bottle of DRC…  

Someone sends me a message now… “If you drink a glass of red wine, it is equivalent to go for gym workout for one hour”…. I love that message!

As I say also to friend, one day if you can afford but a Ferrari, go buy one.

Again with my pay system I have and my way to spend money faster than I earn… and I haven’t had one yet.

I remember the other day went to Kowloon Bay to collect a Rolex from friend, I saw an eye catching vintage Ferrari the number plate is “DAYTONA” a man of 50. He is so relaxing sitting in his horse… I showed my Thumb up to him as a Salute!

That is real LIFE….

On the other hand. I know people who earns USD$800 a hour, but he wears a USD$300 watch and keeps a pair of cheap out trended shoes… a ShenZhen White Box Class B traveler bag of Great French maker look  … but he put 60% of his money into his real estate. Well, he enjoys what he has being watching the figure of his real estate go up every day … But does he really enjoy what he had been working hard for?

I mean the quality of life... he might have 10X the income of the “Daytona” man, but I think the Daytona man is 10X happier than that!

Money is not so important in some case when you have… but in my case, money is too important as I have too little…

I love watches, I love Rolex, I had been talking to on Courney (UK Watch Dealer) who is amazed to see how DD price went up in HK…. Well I told me… I should feel guilty about it. As from all people know that I put as much as 50% my effort talking about Day Date on my blog… I love DD, and I want to introduce it to watch lovers… one young chap aged 27 had come to me saying that I am the bad guys that turned him from a Sport Rolex into Day Date… well, he said that is a nice watch for most of his occasion… So I talked to him WHY NOT…?

Now I even obsessed onto this Samsung Note…, I am planning to upgrade with the new Apple iPAD with PEN! Another new year “PEN”

Make one thing you need as part of your encouragement.

HK Snob

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