Thursday, December 31, 2015

How to Polish my Rolex Bracelet

Separate the watch bracelet

 Mask the area that is not going to be polished, do it section by section
 Clamp the Bracelet on s Plastic surface of the Vise
 Cut strip of the Silicon Carbide polishing paper 1200CW into width of the side section to be policed

Insert the sand paper onto the section of the bracelet and add drops of Jojoba oil and pull both end so of the sand paper lightly and steadily to Polish

Do the same on the snug of the watch, polish at an angle of 45 degrees steadily..
then you can see the fine polishing result...Watch looks like NEW

Friend of mine asked me to talk about on how I polish my Rolex watches ...

You just need a Sand paper of the finest grade, I used
1200CW Silicon Carbide Watch proof Polish paper… (5 Dollars) a few of jojoba oil, if not have use other light clear Lubrication oil,a vise... that is it.

Question is, whether you dare to use your Gold Rolex to try!?

HK Snob
Watch Fever

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