Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Learning Watches from Dr. R

This watch looks like the Rolex Daytona White Gold Rainbow, but the colour of the gem is seems not bling bling enough as it should be!

Well, from the Warranty card it tells the model No. 116509 that is a white gold Daytona, Not Rainbow!

The right model No. should read Ref 116599 RBOW GC8DI-78599, it worth minimum HKD$1,100,000 now.

And the Above watch will not be accepted for services of any kind by Rolex Service Centre. As the bezel is most likely after market.

The Luminescent dot at the hour index is not big enough to cover the pad on the dial, leaving a gap quite obviously. It does not look right, Is that after market ?


The hours and minutes pointer shape looks different as the Regular Day Date.
The watch is made of White Gold and the crown is made of Stainless Steel!

The Smooth bezel of Day Date tells you that the watch is made of Platinum, but the Crown is made of Stainless Steel!

Too Obvious , the "15" is inclined at an angle more than 30 degrees off...  

Dr. R is one of our watch consultant who has collected probably 100 over Rolex, PP, A Lange, AP... he is our regular member of Watch Fever Club.
Well, he is our watch encyclopedia...

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Susana said...

Thumbs up for our "Dr R", I trust my guess is right.

HK Snob said...

yes, Your are right... Mr. R... our Watch Guru
You have been quiet in the Whatsapp, We miss your voice..
HK Snob