Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holiday

There was a news that one young man could not tolerate anymore his girl fried went shopping for 5 hours and he jumped from the shopping mall killed himself in front of his Shopaholic girlfriend…

Have you been asked by your wife, who will you save first if your wife and your mother dropped into water at the same time.… of course I will save my mother first… some American say save the Dog first  as they don't have insurance to cover… LOL!

Have you been ask by your girlfriend or wife,,, what colour fits her most… usually she will give you two colour to make a choice… I tell you what… if she give your Pink and black, if you know Pink is what she like , say Pink… if you don't know what she likes… Choose the one your DISLIKE. And If you do not have any idea, Say “Pink” I tell you what, 80% of lady likes Pink..

I visited UNIqol yesterday for those winter jacket for lady, they have all colour Black, grey, green, Red, I Purple, white… But you know What colour is out of stock… You are right. ….”Pink”

I purposely asked the manager what is the top colour choice for lady, he said, “Black”, the second choice is “Pink”.

I think this is not true and I am sure he is a smart manager as I have seen lot of Black is still available.  

We had a hard time 2015 because we made a lot of order for our customer following a lot of delivery issues… as  a Natural process…My official job is sale for Industrial Equipment, and I hit another sales record for the second consecutive years.

I hope the new 2016 bring us new hope of Good Quality, Good Delivery  and good reward for those who really work hard…

Smart people needs no reward, as smart people does not work for others… he can decide his year end bonus by himself.

Peace will come to the Earth, No war, no hate, no more bombing or killing…only friendship. Love making. Love your kid, parent, friends, and colleague.. care about the environment and society.. let the bad guys wither by itself…

Always I say Work hard in silence, let the success make the noise.

Thanks for your continuous support… I hope we can offer something different in terms of watch knowledge, trade in, buying used watch, new watch sale… and providing good service such as delivery new watch to your door in person.

So What is the best Buy watch under USD$10,000 now?
Once you get into the $10,000 range in watch buying, you start buying for investment. These are the watches that become family heirlooms: timepieces that are kept forever, worn on special occasions, and eventually passed down to children.

It’s virtually guaranteed your children are not going to want a first generation Apple Watch. In fact, in only a few short years the Apple Watch Edition will probably only be as valuable as the metals that can be salvaged after melting it down.  USD$5.00!

Luxury watch brands, on the other hand, have been making mechanical movements and gorgeous watch cases for centuries.

Their intricate movements and insanely strong pedigree helps them maintain their value. And the best part is: the technology never changes.

Here are just a few smart purchases for those in the market for an investment-grade watch.
Rolex Submariner Ref 114060
Rolex’s Submarier is the most recognizable dive watch in the world. It’s a staple of any watch connesiour’s collection and has never gone out of style.

Rolex Daytona
Rolex Daytona is probably the most recognized watch brand in the world. This means that everyone knows how great the Daytona is — and everyone wants one.

The hammer has just dropped on the Tudor Heritage Black Bay One and I hereby dub this result officially the most unsurprising surprise of Only Watch 2015.
    The one is available now in HK under limited Supply, HK MSRP HK$26,800
Tudor Ref 25600TB Blue

The Heritage Black Bay One at Only Watch is a piece unique, but it is very similar to the recently released Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black (reference 79220N). The differences are just a few – bezel markings, hands, dial text, etc. The 79220N is a watch with a list price of just $3100.

The Tudor Heritage Black Bay One sold for 375,000 Swiss Francs, which is over 120 times list price.  

The New Tudor Pelagos Blue Dial
The new 2015 Tudor comes with new in house MT5612 Movement with 4Hz and 26 jewels

Model Black 25600TN and Blue 25600TB, I like Blue of course. Watch out.


James Bond Spectre
Another Hot item recently launched, only 7007 pieces, it is not available at AD, only parallel may be able to get

Let me know if you like…it

Hope you are lucky to get the one 007/7007, no way! Ask Daniel Craig..

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy new year!
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