Thursday, December 31, 2015

Be yourself and be a Style in 2016

Celebrating the new year eve at the Tokyo
Shipping Santa Claus left behind back home in HK at new year eve.

I believe that by this time, may people are still drinking or sleeping home...after the New year eve celebration.

Many countries have their own traditions when it comes to welcoming the new year.

The first New York City celebration happened in 1904, nowadays billions watch the Times Square celebration worldwide of the ball drop…

Find out where revelers traditionally eat 12 green grapes at midnight in Spain, throw furniture out the window of South Africa, choose Your Underwear Color Carefully in Latin America. Offer White Flowers to the Goddess of the Living Ocean in Brazil, eat Lentils at Midnight in Chile, celebrate around a New Year’s Tree in Russia, folks jump into 6-degree Celsius water in Lake Constance In Konstanz, Germany, bang Bread Against the Wall in Ireland…

I don't see any tradition in China, we should have as for long History , we don't as I think as tradition, they are more about Lunar new year.

How about Hong Kong…Hundreds of thousand people go to TST area to watch the Fireworks sprung out up sky from Victoria harbor and then go to Lan Kwai Fong or Time Square to celebrate the COUNT DOWN…  How about Singapore!? I don't know, would you tell me?

The Legendary Nokia 8110

How about myself, as I have told you I had to buy me new watch if my finance could allow…that is one of the gift I had like to get it too.. But all my family members had not felt about my “need”.

However I felt my Daughter’s need, as her Iphone 6 was badly deformed probably she left under her butt while sleeping.. Her iPhone 6 looks the Nokia 8110!  Whilst all phones are completing on the thickness whereby trade off the structural rigidity…

Last night I went to buy the iphone 6S + in Pink gold for my daughter before the shop would close…

Time has changed, when I bought my TV set back in 1980, we expect to use it for 10 years.

Now… Will you stay with your TV for Ten years? That is one of the reasons why I don't spend much in on this electronic gadget… instead I spend money on this item that will “retain” it value over time…

Watches, Pen, furniture made of ebony, classic Vinyl…. Etc…

Well, in order to welcome the new year’s arrival, we go to do some changes

How does my Rolex look like!?

Being a Watch Lover myself, as I know I cannot afford, new go polish it to “NEW” That was why I polished my Rolex last night and I am happy to get to get as Pretty as 95% like New a Rolex… I will bring it out to SHOW to member of the HK Watch Fever Hi tea!

A GMT Master II Ref 16710

For watches, I think the most adorable Rolex is Black Blue GMT Master II, Pepsi is only available in White Gold, so more people is looking for Pepsi 16700, 16710 in the pre-owned.

The best if to get a Ref 16710 with 3186 Cal. stick dial in Mint Full set, guess how much? 

HKD$160,000 I think it is still a good price to keep it as investment item!


How about this weird dial GMT Master?
You may be shock as my dealer asks me for 1,000,000 pounds!  OMB!

Times runs by itself and we need to plan in these few days of the new year.

As for my job I have already submitted a 2016 Sales Quota, that is smaller than 2015 as I can see that the industry will not be as good as 2015! Lets’ see and I learn from History that that is no point to put up a high forecast that is un-reachable… Why not be a bit low profile to put a lower quota and we can meet it in this year… as a consequent result… no matter you reach it 130%, 100%, 80%., 50%, you get the same Bonus… ! That is the Sunset industry…you cannot out-perform without innovative products.

If you had an old girlfriend (old does not mean her age, but your relation with her) who curses you every day not able to buy a house, well, it is time to tell her…”Sorry, we need to depart in 2016”

Go find a girl friend who is happy to eat MacDonald Burger with you and live in your parents’ house whilst saving up money for your house… that is Sweet!

I learn that most of the younger people aged between 20-40 are dressing up to please the others.

Whilst people in the age group 40-60 people are dressing up more or less to please himself…

So I can say why not you try to dress always to please yourself.. no matter it is a pair of shoes, hand bag, watches, tie, outfit , jacket… choice of colour,

Be yourself and be A Style…  in 2016

I like this message which is the Whatsapp Icon from one of the Dutch Friend

TBH, I like it 
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