Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Hong Kong International Airport Giant Reward Cash Coupon HKD$5,000

I think I have been flying every week, I was not aware that you can earn Cash Coupon HKD$5,000 by spending HKD50,000 in HKIA!
Here is the best Deal as an example.
Go to HKIA Rolex to buy a Watch of valued HKD$50,000 or the Date Just shown here asking Less 10% or more (Don't quote my word as you can supposed to get less 5% only as discount) But you can ask for more… using your credit card.
And get the Cash Coupon and go buy a Montblanc Fountain pen, buy an Iphone at Fortress or gold in Chow Sang Sang goldsmith with the HKD$5,000
You total saving is likely more than HKD$15,500.

These are the shops not participating the Program

Why not!?

Please note that the dead line is 16 Dec 2015

HK Snob

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