Sunday, December 6, 2015

One of the best deal for Rolex from HK Rolex AD today!


This is likely one of the good trade for a brand new GMT MASTER II Black Blue...

As we can get less 5% using card, plus a Cash Coupon of HKD$5,000

This lucky man did it before he landed his plane back home for a Happy Christmas... I believe he is boarding now... Wish him a Merry Christmas...

The List price is HK$67,300 less 5% is HK$63,935 using his credit card.

He get the Cash Coupon $5,000, that means he paid HKD$58,935 for a HK Rolex AD GMT Master II.

There are still may have X more Daytona Black ready for you...  as for GMT Master II, finished Today, wait for next stock that used to come on Tuesday...

The cash Coupon can be used today till 28 Feb 2016... only concern is not able to exercise at HKIA Rolex Shop.

HK Snob sells Rolex BNIB, also refer people to buy at  discount in HK. 

Again, I don't get anything from Rolex AD, just to do my job as a Blogger... telling you where to get the best trade!

HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hi, I will be in hk next week and I am looking to get BLNR. Can you advise on how can I get the best deal from an ad?

HK Snob said...

Most of the AD offers 5% discount., I found one offers 7%
Whatsapp me for more +639989811111
HK Snob