Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crazy Sale, Christmas Sale, Cut Throat Price

Blood has drained, we see meat now
X'mas is a good season for more sales for gift, food, entertainment and luxury product.

The last good year was 2012, I sold 26 Rolex in one month take for an example.

This is December 2015, bad, and there is numerous ways for all sort of gimmick for discount, cash coupon for car and Watch…

As all we know we have low profit margin for parallel import… and Don’t feel good about the AD though they offer lesser count, but the fixed and variable expenses are huge. After the new year, they may close some of the shops.

One good thing for consumers , they may open more discount for you in this low season.  

The Overall GDP is 2% for HK in 2015 and thing will get worse with the Strong US dollar and banks may  increase interests rate in 2016.

So only those real Limited edition, special version Watches could stand up firm on the price.
HK Snob

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