Saturday, May 3, 2014

Voice for the Mainland Chinese...

I did see those rich people really toss their unduly request for more… there was furious guy on my left asked the Chief Purser to adjust the air con colder. She did but failed to meet his COOL requirement…He worn an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak stainless steel 44mm Chronometer.

The one on my right was a Gweilo Business man did the same to hang his legs up the partition in front of him, well, if he has Hong Kong Foot, definitely the stinky foot would spoil my appetite. He worn a Seiko 5 Auto stainless steel watch with a Silicone watch band…
Mainland Chinese has been labeled as rude, impolite, and
arrogant in recent years by many HK people.

To be fair to them, those are just the minority happened to be found in HK, remember 70% HK's visitors is from China.

Here we can see not only Chinese Tao Hu was reported having this bad habit, it is not uncommon to see Gweilo, Phlippino, HKer, Indian, American, Singaporean, whoever would likely behave this way. 

And I think that we should always bear in mind to be considerate and have certain etiquette no matter when, and where…

I am glad that we have the aircraft to be a non-smoking zone everywhere...

I am afraid one day we will be allowed to talk on mobilephone…then we will never be able to take a rest in the aircraft anymore!

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