Thursday, May 22, 2014

What is the upper limit of an Overseized watch!?

When did the watchmaking world accept the mantra of “The Larger is better”?

I’m a big fan of vintage watches, and find that a slim Audemars Piguet of 34 mm, I don’t mine the Royal Oak Jumbo 39 mm,  a Jaeger Le-Coultre Reverso of middle size, Rolex Day Date of 36 mm, Vacheron Constantin Overseas in 36 mm diameter looks perfectly for me.

Back to 80’s started as a fashion from Italy, men wore lady watch, I like the Boy Size Rolex too at that time...

No one know exactly when? May be 1995 and onward, some of the watch makers  tended to make watches of big size, massive, with thick metal, big Crown, complex Crown Guard lock up mechanism, wider strap of thicker material like your leather belt on your trousers!

Oh! it is a watch….It does hurt the feeling some of the fine Swiss watch makers used to make thinner and smaller watch movement?

I always appreciate thin manual winding watch that is below 5 mm, or an Automatic watch that is below 7 mm thick… they all look great! I believe many watch collectors agree what I am trying to say…

My point is,  say technically the bigger the watch, the easier it is made! The Higher the Profit margin only.

Nowadays, the watch goes crazy  with OVERSIZED diameter of 42 mm, 45 mm, 47 mm, 50 mm even 60 mm!? Is there a limit? 80 mm? or even 100 mm?

Is that a watch anymore? Who can use them? I believe you have to mount it on top of your sleeve. How can you INSERT that monster under the sleeve, particularly how when peeking from under a dress shirt cuff.  

I understand that sometimes it is hard to go against the current on what the trend of the majority of populace is. Like the width of the tie, the width of the collars, the diameter of your trousers bottom, type of glasses, hair style unless you want to stand out at the crowd as WEIRD, ABSURD, a DIFFERENT Look! But for an Oversized Watch, yes ,it would get someone’s response of “ WOW!!”

Sometimes it is needed for bigger watch as it can display more functions on it. It is easier for the older person to read.

Every time I go into a watch store to look at their wares, seems the watch grows bigger every year and next year’s flagship model will be the size of a coffee mug, or Wall Clock. There may be some complications that require such size and depth, but for the vast majority of populace that can’t afford or doesn’t want a Richard Mille, do we really need to carry an Anchor of harbor tug boat on our wrist to be considered a member of the horological caste?  

Well, since 2 years ago, it is nice to see some of the GOING SMALLER watch trend for lady…

WATCH is a reflection of your taste and Character… if you like is , no one would not disagree!

What if Rolex make facelifting design on Daytona with a Size of 46 mm, will you consider it a Future Classic!?

Yes, many people will buy if there is such a watch, but Rolex is very conservative to launch a big step changes on size.

For every 5 Day Date sold, only one Day Date II was bought by Asian, DD II may look matched for 6 footer.

Rolex biggest watch is yacht Master II of 44 mm, which is only 5 mm larger than the AP Royal Oak Jumbo 39 mm created 42 years ago!

My favourite Rolex size is 36 mm for me, and I think 31 mm is best for lady. Simply the Divine Proportions tell us....

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