Thursday, May 29, 2014

How to Start using your Rolex Watch after Purchase?

Friends of mine came to me asking why is Rolex is not running after he has bought it from Rolex AD!

By Rolex Suggestion
When watch has been stopped fully for more than two days.
It will be necessary to manually wind your newly purchased watch before wearing in order to fully charge the movement and to guarantee that it will run properly.

Unscrew the crown to the winding position and turn the crown clockwise approximately 40 times. Don’t forget to screw the crown back in tightly before wearing.

It applies not just Rolex, but other mechanical Movement Auto Watches.

HK Snob
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Anonymous said...

Saw an ad in "The Standard" for a swiss watches fair in TST:

Anonymous said...

HK Snob said...

Thanks, but I did not register and I am in HK tomorrow. Will see..
Thanks for your info
HK Snob

HK Snob said...

Hi yes
there is a yearly Watch show at this Holiday Inn hotel every years.
But Most of the time I am in Other country

Thanks again, I may go there tomorrow
HK Snob