Thursday, May 1, 2014

Everything goes Rental!

For almost everything , you can get rental in HK
Houses, VCD/DVC/Blue Ray/ , Hotel, Office, Chinese Wedding dress, Dragon Pheonix, double happiness 24kt gold bracelet ( I am not sur eif this is the proper name!) 
Rolls Royce wedding limo with driver, Luxaury Yacht, jet plane, Woman body as for some rich family’s daughter in law rental, but she must get a son or much lesser reward with offspring for a daughter…old Chinese thinking… son instead of daughter as the next heritage of the family’s wealth.

Old people teaches us don't rent as eventually you will get nothing. But somehow if current real estate price of HK remains high at this level.
I bet most of the current newly married couple has difficulties to buy a Love-Nest. Only remaining choice is to rent, at same time save up enough money for the down payment of their own home later…after several years…

Now a new category has joined the rental-rich trend: luxury watches.

A startup company called Eleven James has launched a timepiece timeshare that allows customers to get a new luxury watch every couple of months for an annual fee. The watches range in value from $7,000 to $50,000  or more, and include top names like Rolex, Audemars Piguets, Cartier and Patek Philippe.

Well, do you think you could possibly go into this RENT-A-WATCH!?

What if the watch was ripped off at corner of somewhere, or damaged accidentally, or spoiled inside a Sauna room? Will there is any argument of fraud cheating on the Expensive timepiece?

Well, there is an estimated 40% unhappy HK people borrow money from Bank for overseas tours, and more and more people will tend to spend their saving for some short term enjoyment!? Look at those hundred squadron of sex soldiers running to North after Friday evening for a paid one night stand at KTV…Sauna Clubs.. that could be an estimated expenditure of HKD$50M!

Watch is not like home, car that you can USE it. Watch is one of your personal belonging, I would not rent a watch for 3 Months even it is 10% of the original selling price… It is too Expensive!
HK Snob

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