Sunday, May 11, 2014

Best Of The Bunch for May, Rolex Date Day 1807, Date Just 16018 With Onyx Dial, and Date Just Wide Boy as Mother's Day Special Sale

Rolex Date Just Ref 16018 Solid 18 KT gold with Onyx Dial
A Rare Unisex watch for both you or your beloved lady, Daughter, including your Mother...

This is a Rare species from Rolex as Onyx is brittle and tedious to make with such selected fine texture, look like a Black Mirror, beautifully handcrafted onto the Solid Gold case.   I had one for my beloved Lady and that was one of her favourite watch… whatever occasion, it would lose the Subtle and solemn statement of Rolex’s best demonstration of “MINIMALIST!”  
The Watch has been replaced with a Brand new sapphire with Rolex Corona laser marked underneath. Full length with 24 sections of Jubilee Bracelet.
It has been fully overhauled by Rolex professional with care.  
Price local deal for HKD$73,000
Watch was sold Noon 13 May Today, leaving Bracelet HKD$28,000.

Next Watch is a Rolex Day Date Ref 1807 Bark President Watch

An awesome example of What Rolex’s Could make to debate himself in position of middle of the Road between Popularity and Collectibility.

Functional wise, perfect for your daily uses as It carries Day and Date display.
Perpetual Rolex Winding automatically.

Style, nothing regular as this is bark bezel, stands up a bit of “DIFFERENT” with others.
Price: HKD$32,000

This watch was sold this Afternoon 13 May 2014

Third One is Rolex Ref 1601 Wide Boy

This beautiful nice Rolex SS 1601 Wide Boy Date Just with the original THICK index dial and the original THICK index hands set, which looks stunning and elegant.

The 36mm SS case with original acrylic crystal is in excellent condition.

This kind of nice special dial 1601 is very collectible and interesting for serious Rolex enthusiast now.

A very nice example it is!! Guarantee 1OO% authentic & original SS Rolex 1601 DateJust.
Price HKD$9,900 Only

Whatsapp me if you want to get more information of the watches.

Watch sold to one HK buyer, as of today 17 May 2014.

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

PS Stanley of HK and Derek of Singapore,

I did my job to find this sought after Date Just with Onyx for you!  My job is accomplished!


Carl said...

Dear Mr. HK Snob,

I am a new babe in this kind of Old Rolex and I found that they are sex and beautiful.

I do like to start to buy some old model, and feel interesting on the 3 Rolex watches you posted. However, there are some concerns to me.

1.) May I ask if the 14/F RSC would verify these pretty old watches?

2.) How old of a Rolex they can help to verify? In the other words, do they know a Rolex watch which may be elder than their watch repairing master?

3.) How do I know if the watch been polished? or, are all the parts are original or some of them have been replaced?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

HK Snob said...

Hi Carl,
Well, They normally do check the watch if they are 100% Genuine Rolex or not before they service for you.

That means if there is found that soemthign is not orginal part inside, they will inform you , normally they will return you the watch.

The fact is, sometimes, RSC takes as much as 2 month to verify the watch! :(

So normally we send the watch to RSC for a simple and cheap service like replacing with a new crown or Sapphire , in fact to ask for HEALTH Check of the watch.
As the repair slip list down the Model and S/N of your watch. that is the HEALTH certificate of the watch. I have not tried to bring an Old watch to Rolex to ask anything but verify the watch parts insdie is genuine or not, I need to check if there is such a service. By right they will
not so it for you.
Rolex watch is not that old, comparing with PP, AP.
Rolex has a good record on the watch they produced...
Once Watch is polished, it will be smaller right!? and We can easily tell at the watch snugs and the oyster shape profile.
HK Snob

Carl said...

Hi Mr. HK Snob,

Thanks for your reply!
I heard that the RSC would not accept to do a service even if the cal. is not the original cal. come with the case. Is it? Even it is a rolex cal. but if the serial number does not match the case, they won't accept it. Right?

Is the 1601 which you are selling are all original parts?

The case of your 1601 looks good and seems never been polished. Am I right?

By the way, just saw a post in It looks like from the one who bought your 16018 ONYX


HK Snob said...

Hi carl,
Yes, anything not match with original set-up will not be serviced by Rolex
yes, that is Right, the Ref 16018 Onyx watch was sold to this gentleman.

The Wide boy is everything original!

Only one left for sale.

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Hk Snob,

I have here a Rolex that looks like Day Date Ref 1807. My father gave it to me. it has diamond second mark and emerald hour mark and a gold bracelet. Is it a good idea to sell it in hong kong? what retail store is good in buying 2nd hand rolex watch? lastly, is this rolex water proof? thanks

HK Snob said...

Hi Can i See it to tell!?
send me to Whatsapp +639175854633