Monday, May 26, 2014

Nominated by Quark Rolex Japan, these are the Top Four New Rolex Watch Investment for next 3-12 years… that they Guarantee Value Appreciation

Nominated by Quark Rolex Japan, these are the Top Three Rolex Investment for next 3-12 years… that they Guarantee Appreciation.

In fact, only these three models can appreacite over the years, the rest, Yacht Master, Date Just, Day Date, SkyDweller, DeepSea, all goes Depreciation over the years.

Top 1 Daytona Black Stainless steel Ref 116520, the preferable Year 2000 watch A-series.
3 years gain 20% and over the year Quark speculate a Gain of 23%.

Second is GMT Master Ref 116710 BLNR – 2014 New.

Third is Daytona White Ref 115620 Daytona, rare but as of today we have one at one of the Rolex AD in
Hong Kong HKD$87,500 nett.

Fourth is the Beyond Rare Ref 116610LV Submariner
So next time when you spot a watch in the Shop, you should Buy it!

Availability in HK
Last week HKIA Rolex has both White and Black Daytona, A Watch fever Fan bought one WHITE, he was very happy as he bought it at List price HKD$87,500, in fact there is Black but he liked White more...

GMT Master II Ref 11671) BLNR, as of Today as far as I know not so many shop has stock, wait for week end stock replenishment.

Submariner Ref 116610LV, a Hate and Love watch, when I have stock, everyone says skip it, let go.... when there is no stock, everyone say’ I love to have it…please find one for me... :)

So, please do not ask me about this watch anymore, if you want to buy, Go to Wing Kwong at Sino Centre MK, I saw two on last Saturday "New" as they said...

And Also Lung Shing at Cheung Sha Wai, I saw two on Sunday Afternoon 25 May with paper and box!
Price HKD$65,500 (if I can member Correctly)

Watch Fever
HK Snob
PS Quark is a Chain Rolex Store in Japan , they have 12 Shops in different location
Visit their Website 


Anonymous said...

Sad to hear datejust will depreciate, why only these sports models are recognized

HK Snob said...

I am on your side, I am a Day Date Lover, All New Day Date depreciates a lot over a few years.

But My old Day Date is Going up!!

So all depends the rule of the game.

1. Scracity
2. Future trend
3. Your cost of purchase
4. Dial Colour and material

Don't ignore Rolex is Famous because of all the sport model, that is his strong stand point.

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback. I think I should ignore how the watch will increase or decrease . I will enjoy the watch I like.

HK Snob said...

Ignore it,
Those are Rolex's Trick, this world is a fully Commericalized world, they control with limited stragtey push for crazy afixation..
If you like your watch Like I like My Day Date, then we will be happy!
HK Snob