Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cyclops (Date Magnifier Lens) Removal On Your Rolex's Crystal

There has been argument between a man and a Watch seller in Ap Liu Street, the man said the Cyclops of Rolex Sapphire is made by using adhesive to stick on the Sapphire crystal, While the watch shop keeper said impossible that a HKD$60,000 Rolex using glue to stick the Magnifying glass on the watch!?

Whilst I was there, I said yes, Rolex uses glue to stick the Cyclops onto the sapphire crystal!

The Answer is older Plastic Crystal (before 1977) was made by compression molding method as one piece from a mold.

The one using Synthetic sapphire crystal is stuck on Cyclops Lens (size 5.5mm x 7.2mm) using Adhesive  onto the crystal, as that is very expensive and tedious to made one solid sapphire crystal  coming with the magnifying glass, that is pure cost concern.

The way to remove the Cyclops is simple using a gas lighter torch, heat directly on top of the Cyclops for 2 seconds, and then use a small sharp culler blade to remove it…
Refer to this video to see how easy it could be done!

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