Friday, May 30, 2014

"The Plum is Sour becaue I don't have it!"...someone said...

Rolex Daytona top One Watch for long term value Recommended by Quark Watch Japan.

I was unable to capture this Rolex Daytona White when I was too much focused on the Black the other day.
This is in fact the Third to Daytona Black in all Listed watch Model of Rolex.

Refer to the Catalogue attached.
Daytona Black has a 12 Years guarantee value of +22.7% and 3 years for 19.8%

Whereas the White has a 12.6% for 12 years and 9.7% for 3 years which is not bad at all being a Commercial available Watch in the market, comparable o the GMT master II Black Blue ref 116710BLNR.

But don’t forget that the Black is overpriced in HK, no one could buy one with list price $87,500

At least you have to pay an extra of $6,500, that is about 7.4% of the watch List price, if that amount is offset into the three years guaranteed value, the net gain of Black is just 12.4%.
So when you see Daytona White, go buy it…

Now there is known one piece at one of the Rolex AD shops. I can hold it for two days for supporter of HK Watch Fever, WhatsApp me , First Come First Serve!

The Daytona is already assigned with a customer as of this morning 1 June 2024.

HK Snob

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