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The latest Price information on Rolex Daytona in HK Ad and parallel import.

Rolex Daytona Stainless Steel Ref 116520 in Black
The Rolex Dayton has been very popular among watch enthusiasts for the past two decades, or even more. When a person is asked of which Rolex to buy, the answer is often the Daytona. I myself plan to get a white dial 116520 this year so I am still trying to understand why this model has been so popular.


As Rolex’s only chronograph, the Daytona has enjoyed its fame for a long time. I did not choose the Daytona for my past several purchases because I was not very fond of it for a few reasons.


First, it is too small. I have got over this point now. I should put it like this: I thought it was too small for my wrist. At 40mm wide, the Daytona looks smaller than other 40mm watches because the bezel is wide (or thick). It leaves a smaller dial which contains three smaller sub-dials. It looks busy to me.


Second, the Daytona is TOO popular. When I walked on the street and I see someone wear a Daytona, I would think that the person was trying to show his wealth. It was way too high-profile to me. The Daytona is just another Rolex. However, all the hype has made it a very sought-after piece which retails over its list price. Sometimes, you can see sales wearing it. Sometimes, I feel that the watch’s popularity is over the line. Although wearing a Rolex is often a high-profile thing, wearing the Daytona is even more so. It gives a statement: I AM RICH AND I CAN AFFORD A DAYTONA!


Third, it was hard to convince myself to pay a premium for a stainless steel chronograph. Put simply, the Daytona did not make me feel excited or special. It is just another chronograph. It is not especially well-designed, but you have to pay a premium over the list price for it.


So, why do I still plan to get one?

I just want to tick the box. The Daytona has a high status in the Rolex collection. With other sports watches upgraded to super cases which lack beautiful case curves, the Daytona remains elegant. The curves of the case are beautifully shaped. The whole watch is shiny. The case size is just about right. The white dial makes it perfect for either sporty occasions or dressier occasions. It is a very eye-catching watch.

And most importantly, it is now less popular than before.  

Jason L.
Postscript by HK Snob
This is purely the personal comment of one Rolex Lover about Daytona.

Somehow I feel the same that there are too many Daytona Black in the street, amongst those Galleria Cosmetics sales ladies, I have seen three Daytona in the main shop at Canton Road. The reason why is they are one of the best to retain money as a Watch.

They are super durable, they are too certain extent “Quite Beautiful!” and of course they are iconic watch of Rolex. But as I just talked to one Philippine Collector, why not I top up ten thousand dollars more to get a two tone Daytona?

Well, as you might know I would say that there is drawback on Daytona. 

1.  No Date, as I need to tell the date on my wrist for work.

2.  There are really too many in Hong Kong…

3.  It is in Steel, and I think I would use the same money to buy a Yellow gold Day Date or even White gold 1803.

Rolex Daytona Two Tone Blue Arab Ref 116523
So my last Daytona was actually a yellow gold Two Tone 16523 with Diamond Dial, I sold to someone with HKD$42,000… that was 1992. Since then I only bought Rolex Day Date. 

HK AD Price information (MRSP in HKD)
Ref 116520 Daytona Black or White HK$90,000 at HK Rolex AD

Ref 116523 Daytona Two Tone Yellow Gold and steel is HK$124,100

Ref 116523G Daytona with Tihintian dial and diamond HK$157,500

Stock and discount
In general, the Daytona black is still very difficult to get at AD with the above mentioned price.
Where as Two tone, you may get less 5% discount using card in Hong Kong, except you have connection or VIP buyer.

Parallel Import
Ref 116520 Daytona White HK$86,500 -87,500

Ref 116520 Daytona Black HK$89,500 to $91,500

Ref 116523 Daytona Two Tone Yellow Gold and steel is HK$90,500 to HK$100,500

Ref 116523G Daytona with Tahintian dial and diamond HK$123,000 to 128,000.
As for gray dealer, they used to have stock on it except the Tahintian which has to be ordered.

Rolex Daytona Two Tone Tahintian MOP Ref 116523G

have found that Philippine client tends to buy Two Tone Daytona and the Tahintian MOP Diamond more than stainless steel as I believe this is more Charming comparing with plain steel version.
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever


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