Friday, February 5, 2016

What to give on Saint Valentine's day?

Some of us are already scratching our heads on what to give our beloved one(s) on Valentine’s Day. So, let’s see what we can do to surprise our loved one(s).
Basically, a Rolex never fails. Among all the Rolex models, the Rolex Daytona never fails to impress. I am talking about the 116520. Although I personally prefer the while dial 116520, the hit one is the black version.
If you do not wish to wear the same black 116520 as a lot of watch fans on the street, you may want to consider the white dial version as it will save you also a few thousand dollars. This watch best suits those who drive, or just want a both dressy and sporty chronograph that is widely recognizable.
Another option is the Rolex Deep Sea. It is an increasingly popular model. More people are seen wearing this. David Beckham did so, for instance, before he became an ambassador of Breitling.
The Deep Sea is best for your boyfriend or husband who hit the iron a few times a week. With a wrist of around 7 inches, you will be impressed by wearing the Deep Sea. While the Deep Sea D-blue is a preferred model these days, the black dial version is not bad at all and it is around 20k cheaper considering all the discounts given.
What if you think that Rolex is too common? 
OK. Audemars Piguet is considered to be a notch higher than Rolex. You can consider buying the most iconic Royal Oak, be it black, white or blue dial version. What you get is more taste and a well-decorated movement with a solid gold rotor. I would prefer the Royal Oak Chronograph to the time-only Royal Oak as it is even more versatile, for both dressy and sporty occasions.
The Royal Oak Offshore Diver will be your choice if you want to surprise your spouse with a bold and high-end sports watch. Either way, you are going to spend around 110k to 150k. 
What about suit wearer? 
Easy. Go for either a Patek Philippe or an A Lange dress watch. For around 200k, you can get a PP Nautilus. It is a bit similar to the Royal Oak in the sense that it is both sporty and dressy. If you can pay a bit more, go for the A Lange Lange 1. It will make your husband love you even more.
What more? Well, you can always pick the A Lange 1815 time-only models. You can the same fine movement finishing and a very classic look. A PP Calatrava is also hard to beat if your husband(s) is a suit wearer.
Other brands you can consider include Glashutte Original (Panomatic Lunar, Panoreserve), Jaeger Lecoultre (Reverso) and H Moser & Cie.
GO gives you exceptional quality for a bang for your buck. Hand-engraved double swan neck regulator and the off-center dial are something you will not find in any other brands for that price range.
JLC’s Reverso is another regular classic for suit wearer. It is elegant and classic. Your lover wearing the Reverso will definitely be more charming than ever.
H Moser & Cie offers you some exceptional pieces. The Funky Blue dials are great for extraordinary achievers while other fume dial options are also very eye-catching. At around 100k to 150k, you get something that means exceptional taste and class. The movements of any H Moser & Cie are decorated finely and they are manual movements.
For the exceptional, buy an refined piece for them. For the ordinary, buy a loudly piece for them. Happy Valentine’s Day to all.
 Jason L.
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