Monday, February 29, 2016

Vomit heart and Splash Blood

Richard Mille and Yeezy Boots 350, what else!?
First things first; his is a Chinese slang for trying very very, very hard….that it seems like you have literally thrown out your own heart and spilled out your blood.


What do HKers vomit their hearts and splash their blood for? Freedom? A lawful society? Monster Parents, Political chaos, Democracy, Wealth? Fair treatment? You have overestimated us.


These are all very important but meanwhile lofty things to fight for. These things are noble. They are complicated. They are worth fighting for. But most of us are too paltry to chase after these world-changing values.

The red horse of one of HK Watch Fever friends

So, we work very hard for materialistic things. Rolexes, Ferraris, Lambros, Pateks, Piguets,……. Or very fine wine Petrvs and DRC? Which could cost a grass-root level person his monthly salary X10 times or X1000 times.


But we are never tired of chasing after these things. We work till we cannot. We sell what we can sell, just to buy what we will later sell. Everything can be bought by installments.
You know, flats can be bought through 30 years mortgages. Rolexes and Ferraris can be had through paying by installments. I doubt for some exotic Ferraris!?


I am not lucky not because I am not wealthy. I am lucky because I do not know much about other more extravagance other than watches, Pen, Vinyl, Hi Fi, good food, wine…LOL!


Whether one vomits his heart and splashes his blood for something because he likes it is important. If you do so because you want to satisfy your ego or vanity, then forget it, because both will never be satisfied.


Buying a Rolex or a Ferrari will make you happy. But not for long. You will eventually sell them and look for something new. Life, however, sometimes is built on such pieces of temporary happiness. Nothing in the material world is eternal.


So, if you are trying too very hard today just to own a Platinum Daytona, a Richard Mille or a Ferrari, please do realize that you are about to drop into a black hole. What you want will eventually come if you really do want it.
Sweetness is the end result of all endeavors. I myself work hard to buy my beloved watches. But, it is necessary to know when you are trying too hard. If you don’t, you may lose something priceless.


We all live in a world full of temptations. We all live in cities where even everything is not enough. Some people work their butts off to have a sip of Laffite. Some pay his annual salary for a Patek Philippe, these are real connoisseurs, they are not collectors .
These are all good impetus for us to work hard. But, if in your world there are only these things, you had better take a look at what is wrong. But don't worry, When one can have passion to such a watch that take your annual income, you are the real watch lover. Same as you can buy 3 month salary to buy a Bottle of DRC, well, you are real Wine taster!


So I am stingy, as I always trying to buy one good one instead of twenty so so one… that is not Chinese say: One Song to run all Karaokes… this is a really watch frantic and at same time Watch economist!


I met a young handsome Pinoy Alfonso who worn a pair of Yeezy Boot and a stunning Richard Mille RM-11 on his wrist at First Class Airline Lounge, he looked very causal having style and all I felt he is having Motivation to chase for what he loves…

Is that what “Passion” calls in positive way or “Materialized Spoiled brain” in negative way... whatever, nevertheless I think he enjoys life.


Vanity of vanities, Saith the Preacher, Vanity of vanities, all is vanity!

After all, if you don’t have a dream what is the difference between you and Tai O salted Ma Yau Fish!?


Jason L/HK Snob

HK Watch Fever Group

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