Saturday, February 27, 2016

More about Rolex Oyster Quartz...the legend of Rolex

a beautiful Oyster Quartz Day Date in Birch Dial Ref 19018 with box
Courtesy Picture of OysterQuartz.Watch


When I asked for a OQ (OysterQuartz) box, friends of mine keeps sending picture of  what they have or of what they used to have...

These are the boxes specially made for Rolex Oyster Quartz, a box of good condition is now about US$350 to US$500.

They are not cheap at all! neither the watch!

If you are interested knowing to investigate more on Oyster Quartz go for this site.

This is Durian, if you like it, you will be enchanted, if not you will cover your nose and run away...

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