Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Chinese's Superstition and belief

Is Chinese Superstitious! Yes to certain extent…

Such as Number, Cantonese does not like Number 4, we like 2, 3, 8, 9 (easy, live, rich, enough)

We don’t like to wipe the house on the first day of Chinese New year.

We don't want to visit friend on 3rd day of Chinese new year.

Well, there are more… say we wish to be the first one, or the first few who could put the joss stick at Wong Tai Sin temple the Chinese new year eve… that cabn be return with buddha’s support…in the whole year through,

We will borrow money from Guanyin and people say they are really work… ? so I don’t need a bank loan at all.

We blame the failure of the business of career because of bad luck or simply because of the “Little People” that is someone who is always going against your will, direction or some nasty person in the office?


Well, Chinese are good at making thing for the need of the people, we describe this good marketing… and these are the new year launched tools you can but at Taobao.

The “Kill the nasty person Shoes” that when you walk actually your stepping on them, “Squeeze them to hell!”

I think it works, as if you feel you are standing on them… well, in the point of  psychology you are on the winning side and does you feel better!?

That is already paid off…

My wife is ordering one pair for me…   LOL!! Love her as I will have new shoes again…

Well, to be fair, there are a lot of Superstitious people in Hong Kong, on the other hand there are more who do not believe it…

Well, to be true, In the CHINESE new year, we can always see a lot of Gold Rolex as Gold Rolex in Chinese means “ good fortune” already…
What watch you wear today!?

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