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What watches to wear in the middle of a riot?

He was not Freddy on Friday night movie, he was one of the protestors in Mong Kok last night...live!

If you were in the riot last night in Mong Kok, what watches should you wear? It is quite complicated as things can change very quickly at the scene. Your watch has to be multifunctional and it has to be able to withstand pepper spray, hitting and flying objects.

G-Shock Mudmaster

The first watch that comes to my mind is the G-shock Mudmaster. It is designed for extreme environment. The dial has light function as you can turn on the small light inside the dial at night. A G-shock is tough and the Mudmaster is even tougher. It can prevent mud and dust from getting into the watch. It is around HK$3,500 and you can wear it in the middle of the battlefield. If in last night riot, it could become  "bloodmaster"!

Leave the D-blue home, go out with the Black to Mong Kok.

The other one is the Rolex Deep Sea. In the middle of a riot, there must be water spilling everywhere. Or just liquid. The 3900m diver can easily withstand such tough situations. 904L steel can withstand highly corrosive liquid. Also, the watch is big enough for you to use it as a shield or a small weapon. And as last resort, it can be used as a Capsule to be thrown into the mob, it can easily kill ten people by its weight  F=M.A

I call this Abalone Can
The Seiko Tuna Can is another watch you can wear in the middle of a riot. It is even bigger than the Rolex Deep Sea. It is tested to the depth of 4000m although it is supposed to be water-resistant to 1000m. It is way cheaper than the Rolex Deep Sea but it can also serve as a shield to any attack on your arm.

No question, this Omega is a tough guy, may should in Die Hard. 6.0

The Omega Ploprof 1200m is also a good choice. With its super chunky case, it is so heavy that you can use it as a close-combat secret weapon. If you do not have a hammer, the watch can serve as one. It is heavy, and 1200m water-resistant, making it an ideal watch to wear in the middle of a riot.


 Steel version for defend mode
Light weight Carbon composite Case and Ceramic Bezel for attack Mode

If you want to show some class in the riot, wear the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Diver. Again, it is big and chunky. It is a tough watch with a rubber strap. Although it is only 300m water-resistant, it is classier than the previously mentioned watches. If you go for attack mode use the Carbon Composite one for light weight, if you want to have the defend mode, use the stainless steel version.


Bombproof Triggerfish Bronze A2, watch only, not the Man wearing it!

Just in case there is a bomb in the riot, the Triggerfish Bronze A2 watches created by Kaventsmann can survive a bomb blast. If you wear it on your wrist, it does not guarantee you are bombproof! Only the Watch!
This watch is claimed able to be rolled over by a 20 Tons Tank, I am sure this picture is before the test!

click the above link see how a watch could be tortured this way.
Of course, you can also choose the INOX by Victorinox. It is shock, water and temperature-resistant, making it your perfect partner in a riot. It can stay perfect after being run over by a 20-ton tank. It can also stand sulpheric acid. Well, I suppose you will face an armored fighting vehicle and tear gas at worst?


The movement is hoisted up with tiny stainless steel wire.

Well, if the abovementioned do not suit you, you may pick a Richard Mille. Any Richard Mille will do as they are extremely shock-resistant. The first watch created for Nadal was a study in stealth, with its deep black carbon composite case and highly skeletonized movement is hanging by tiny stainless steel wires, should I call it WireCabloc?
in Grade 5 Titanium and LITAL® alloy weigh at mere 3.83 grams. Ever present on Nadal’s wrist, this tourbillon epitomized the luxury of lightness in service to a tennis legend.  
Should you be a policeman or a rioter, wear a RM to show that you do not worry about money. But if you are a Police, I am sure you should be questioned by ICAC, if you are one of the protectors, well, you must have been supported soundly by a financial strong syndicate.


These watches can help you keep track with the time especially when you are in a riot in the middle of the night. To know the time is important should you be a policeman or a protestors.

Jason L/HK Snob

Well, everyone is staying, living in this place, stop all the violence, this isn’t a war zone!
It is a peculiar to know for those to lead this and who organize this, what do you get out of this?

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