Saturday, February 6, 2016

Year of The Monkey

What other programs are better than giving red pockets during Chinese New Year?

Giving red pockets is a custom for us Chinese. However, it is also a clinched activity for the younger generation. So, what can we do if we do not want to give red pockets?


The problem is what we can give to replace red pockets. Something red? Yes. I can think of the Jaeger Lecoultre Reverso Rouge. Or the Rolex Daydate Red Stella.


I would like to receive these two watches rather than red pockets in which I often find 20 dollar notes which sometimes echoes onto my lonely wallet.

Giving red pockets is a very bad custom in my opinion. Although it is seen as a custom, people often calculate the amount of money given. The more money given the more sincere they think you are. Whether to count the money given is a tough choice. To count or not to count? That is the problem.


But giving watches is a totally different thing. A good watch retains its value after years of use. It can be passed down generation by generation. A good watch is a good watch be it a used or BNIB one. A watch gives you way more joy than red pockets.


Try this in the coming Chinese New Year and your luck in the Year of the Monkey will be way better. But if you think giving others watches is too much, give DECENT red pockets.

Happy Chinese New Year to all.
Jason L.
HK Snob
HK Watch Fever
I think a Red Pocket of HKD$20 dollars which seems to be the normal practice for the lower class people.
That is all it brings with the red pocket: a gesture of blessing, that is all it means.
HK Snob

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