Saturday, February 27, 2016

Rolex Oyster Quartz Ref 19018 Birch Dial

Rolex OysterQuartz is somewhat some peoples' poison and at same time someone's holy grail.

I don't have to explain more why and if you know the history about OysterQuartz then probably you will feel needed to look for one.

Many people asked me how long a Rolex OysterQuartz could last, Well, I cannot tell, base on how a Semiconductor chip was made in the 70's I can say that the watch could last for 50 years minimum.

What if the chip starts to fail after 50 years because of copper migration, or propagation of molding compound delamination cause the wire to broken? Rolex could possible replay a new chip for you!?

I don't know if that has been the case but I am sure that Rolex has minimum 2,000 spare chips for the total 25,000 watches made since 1977 to 2003.

Well, I have been using this watch for 6 years, I did not see this is getting aged, instead I feel that I should only wear this when I have good mood.

I was asked what is the value of this watch, roughly I can say USD$10,000.  Actually I am looking forward to exchange for a Onyx or lapis blue dial, if you like to exchange with me. I am glad to... but I don't have a box as an Original OysterQuartz Box is about USD$450.

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