Monday, February 8, 2016

Violence on the second day of the Year of Monkey

     Thanks for the beautiful shot on one of the Pinoy's Submariner.

Riot at Mong Kok area in the 2nd day of the CNY, well, in other to get peace, democracy, wealth, we need patience, tactics, hard works, plans and good communication with the team leader… Just violent protects will not help and will not be acknowledged or gaining any supports from the majority of the people…especially many of the new reporters were assaulted!

"Monkey, Monk and the Monsters Go West" was based on Journey to the West, one of the Four Great Classical Novels of China.

There were plenty of greedy, pain, and evil demons in the world. Master Tang was assigned by the Buddha to travel to the West in quest of the Key of Wisdom which would save the world. During the journey to the West, Master Tang met his disciples Wu Kong, Ba Jie and Sha Seng. Relying on their wit, team spirit and courage, they eventually reached the destination.

We had a Wu Kong style violence last night, but we did not see this alone will able to get the Key of Wisdom, may be a coupon to the jail…

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