Saturday, August 29, 2015

Watch Fever Gathering 29 Aug 2015

Watch Fever Club gathering watch show

The most prominent is the Nardin San Marco, Blue enamel dial with an extra fine sunray surface finish.

It was one of the watches that I was in love with when in 1990, It was listed price at HKD$19,000

It was an expensive watch at that time. But Look at what you have.

A Chronometer, with a Date, in green and a bracelet with an "Anchor" make me remembering those  seafarers' love romance when I was working on board the ships.

Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, China, North Korea, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Egypt, India.....

If price is good, I would like to buy this watch, something that I missed 25 years ago.

HK Snob

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