Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fake Watch For Fake people

Why do people insist on buying fake knock offs of designer anything, especially Rolex? In my opinion, If I can't afford to buy it, then I'd rather buy something I can afford.

Honesty I cannot afford a hi end RM, I stay happily with a Rolex! Why not?!

If a guy wearing a fake Rolex, you just can't take him seriously.

If you cannot afford a Rolex why not wear a Timex!

We have seen a lot of super rich people wearing Fake Rolex, he says, no one will believe his watch is fake! I don't think so, Fake is Fake, no matter it is on Lee’s or Lau’s Wrist.

I have seen a lot of people wearing Timex with full confidence, at least my ex-boss was with an Iron Man, he who went everywhere to present for the company, rather than a man with a Fake Rolex but no one admires!
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Ellery Mendoza said...

You said it right my friend.

박성진 said...

No one admire!!!!