Thursday, August 27, 2015

Who are the Philippine First Three OysterQuartz Day Date Watch Owner?

Left is my Rolex Day Date 18039 and Right is Robert's Ref 19018
I had lucky to see a mature and decent business man 10 metres away to tell he was wearing a Rolex at Bellevue Hotel Alabang this evening.

This is no ordinary Rolex, it is a Day Date with Quartz movement, due to the special design of Patek Philippe Like Bracelet and AP Royal Oak Like Watch case.  

It would not be mistakenly to be identified as The Famous Rolex Day Date OysterQuartz Ref 19018.

Oh Yes, when I approached closer, and I asked permission to sit down and started asking question about his watch. Well, he removed it and passed to me to scrutinize… Roman Numeral Dial and it seems to be the original colour was white and over the 37 years it changed to a patina yellow.

The Watch is heavily used as I can see signs of wearing. He told me it was bought in at US Navy with   USD5,000 after 40% discount in the year of 1978.

Robert is his name, he told me that at that time if you can provide the staff ID of an airlines, you are entitled to have less 20% discount at Rolex.

Oh, in 1978, a Rolex Date Just 36mm in Two Tone Rose gold was about HKD$3,700  and this Rolex OysterQuartz was sold at USD $5,000.  That is  the price for a Car.

He told me he is the FIRST Philippine people to buy this Watch.

Second is Eduardo Cojuangco (the owner of San Miguel)

And the third one is Eddie Diaz GSA of Korean Air.

After all these years, he had just serviced this watch in Rolex Service Centre TWICE.

He likes this watch for its accuracy and durability.

He is the Founder for

Rolex Produced the legendary Oysterquartz since 1977 till 2003, with 1,000 units made every year.

So totally 25,000 OysterQuartz watches were made, and I estimate that there are 35%  Stainless steel watch, and 35% stainless steel and yellow gold, 20% yellow gold and 10% in White Gold.

Well, this Yellow gold is one of the 5,000 units. 


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