Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rolex AD at City of Dream , Pasay


I had met a Japanese friend stayed in Nobu Hotel at City of Dreams, through the hall way passing the casino I saw the Rolex AD there.

What I can see is

One DD40 yellow Gold,

One Daytona Steel Ref 116520 White Retail Price is Peso 590,000 after discount is Peso 531,000

That is HKD$88,944 (assuming 1 HKD is 5.97Peso) HK Dollar is higher by 7 % than a few months ago.

The standard Philippine Rolex AD discount is 10%.

I saw another Deepsea Black after discount is Peso 518,000  (HK$86,767)

I have talked about D-blue the sales lady told me only 1 piece was sold in march for this year!

There is a Milgauss, and a lot of Date just Two Tone, Seems Two tone is one of the Pinoy’s favourite Rolex.

I cannot see Daytona Black, Submariner Date, GMT Master Blue Black, Green pointer…


In Hong Kong Rolex AD:

A Daytona White is HK$90,000 no discount

A DeepSea Black is HK$90,500 less 5% that is HK$85,975, similar price as in Manila.

How about the gray Dealer Price of the about watch


Daytona black about HK$90,000

Daytona White HK$86,000

Deepsea D-blue $98,000

GMT master II Blue Black HK$65,500

HK Snob

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