Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some queries for watch purchases

Recent Queries

1. What is the difference between Authorized dealer watch and gray Dealer Watch?

Watch itself is same, both are genuine in full set.
Difference is what you buy at AD (Authorized Dealer) are able to accept your credit card which is more convenient.

Gray dealer watch are imported from overseas, usually you can get a bigger discount as they have no shop, minimum running cost and margin is lower, so your benefit is much higher if you buy from Gray dealer. There are many reliable gray dealers in Hong Kong.

2. New watch is usually more available to get from gray dealer, as gray dealer travel actively to search for those hot items.

3.  if you buy gold watch, you tend to get higher discount buying from gray dealer. Those sport hot models are usually having very competitive price.

4. When you buy Rolex , AP in HK using card, you might be wiser to select your local currency rather than HK Dollar as may be lower as it does not need to lose by conversion of HK Dollar to US dollar. Voice out to the sales manager before your card is passed to him.

5. No one will sell Fake watch at AD, gray dealers as it is a serious offend to sell Fake watch in HK.

Those who used to sell in Sai Yeung Choi Street or temple street is different as they are known to sell only counterfeits.

6. Rolex will take care of watches you buy locally from AD or from gray dealer, or watches you buy from overseas, so long it is authentic Rolex.

7. It does not matter to me if the used Rolex is having no paper no box, so long there is a repair slip issued at Rolex Service Centre as if the watch is fake or authentic Franken watch, Rolex Service Centre will NOT service them.

8. I was borne in HK and I am a HKer, the reason why I carry a Philippine number as I used to work in Philippines.
I am a country manager for the Philippine office. that is Why!

HK Snob.

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