Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Don't leave home without it!



HK's first Omega Elite Phone with my own Design, I wear Rolex Day Date Ref 18039 Today

Don't Leave Home without it was popular Hong Kong TV advertisement for American Express credit card in the 90’s.

Nowadays, with the Asian countries with spending power likely be amongst top of the major big cities in the world.

Whenever you go either a business trip, or a holiday hang out. These are something you must need; a nice watch, a VISA card, and I believe no one will leave the hand set at home.

It make take  minimum few hundred thousand dollar for a customized watch of yourself from AP, and there is no way to ask APPLE to make a special design for your own image or company trademark on the Phone,

Omega Elite makes it happens, plated thick SOILD GOLD on the cases… we offer Rose gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum…

Our clients include Manny Pacquiao , David Beckham, Kendall and Kylie…

Omega Elite it is a luxury phone… whenever you go wherever you make a call, people will stare the Phone and then at You to find out who you are…

Make it a special award to your First Honour graduation son, your third mistress, you father… your wife who gave birth 8 kids for you…your top sales manager who made 34M sales revenue last year…  etc.

What a dream, I made 34M sales record last year, but I use my own money to buy the Hong Kong’s first Omega Elite Phone to make myself HAPPY, it is so easy to make myself HAPPY because I am a simple man!

Unless you are those super rich or those who had been working as undercover, or special clan head that you don't want people to know you at all, the Omega Elite Phone will be likely one of you best choice…

You can make your own design, or we design for you.

It takes about 3 weeks for the phone to be delivered to you place by hand…. Price staring from 6,500  upward

Order now…

Apple iPhone6 unlocked version with 128gb SSD RAM

Life time warranty

Plated and assembled in USA by hand

HK Snob  

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