Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is Money everything!?

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Life can be of great fun, only if how you look at it.

Many people have a lot of money, but somehow they are the keeper of their money only.

Somehow richer people tends to be very stingy to themselves and to other people.

There is a senior sales Director who entertained his customer with one third of a piece of Australian Abalone.

Well, he order a Abalone (HK$280) and shared with three persons including his customer.

On the other hand the other German business unit group of 15 peoples had arranged a sales meeting in Phuket Resort for three days.  (Estimated HKD$600,000)

I think it may need sales director tedious effort to save up 2,142 abalone…. to settle the bill at Phuket.

I had another senior VP who has 4 Million annual income, he had no kid at all and he wears a HKD$80 watch he bought at Sham Shui Po, he uses it all the time.

I had another senior VP who is a Jew, he drives BMW with manual gear in San Jose . He told me that saved a lot of fuel. I was wondering how come he still could find a BMW with manual gear nowadays!

Is that money so much important with the trade off city driving comfort. Do we need to go to such an extent to save money, for who!? If everyone does not spend money, the World economic will be dead!

I had a Vice chairman who had completed a 4 hours exhausting Hiking at Sui Long Wo in Summer, after that he told bus to go home… While I took taxi home!
Well, He earns HKD$6,000 an hour! 
The above are all true episode I had experienced in the company.

Man, when you are still young, enjoy, when you can drink, drink, when you can eat, eat... We only live once!

Life is just a Trivial Comedy made up of all important tragedies!

HK Snob

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