Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pictures taken from my Window

Clear evening

 Cloudy morning
It rained again in this morning
I love this Canvas painting like Effect
Every week we have met so many different people, colleagues and top tier staff in the Company,
Sometimes your boss will question you why you take five minutes to pee but actually he took 15 minutes to smoke his cigarette.
In fact he can do, say, or whatever he does, as he is the boss.

One day when you retire, you can question him why he takes only one cigarette a time, why not smoke three sticks to Boost the Smoking Pleasure save his Time in smoking!?
So Westerners has said “Death is the final leveler”. Somehow the time will come, no matter how rich you are, how poor you are will be the same!
I saw Jimmy Carter had been running a speech in public at CNN about how he going to use his time in his last few weeks, he said he would leave it to the hands of god. He was so relaxed and spoke with smile… What a pathetic yet lovely scene to see this once the Most Powerful Man how to handle his rest few days of his life.
Yesterday the weather was fine, no rains., but at midnight it rained Buffalos and Hippos, I could not sleep and woke up to take this picture. This morning It seemed good, but after a while it rained again.
So within one day, Weather could be changing so abruptly.
Weather is somewhat unpredictable, somewhat like what we have faces with everyday, treat yourself better is the advice. No other better words.
"Have a Nice Day!"
HK Snob

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