Saturday, August 15, 2015

Omega and Rolex in 1960s HK!

Can you recognize where this place is?

Rolex Submariner Ref 6204  (1954 est,)

Omega Constellation Auto in Excellent Condition on Sale HK$5,800

The average selling price if Omega is higher than Rolex in the 60’s. If I were not wrong a Submariner was selling $1,500 and a Omega Constellation is over $1900.

But now we can see the difference, the same watch Submariner in excellent condition can reach $500,000  or more the constellation in 18KT gold is only $45,000 now.
How about a stainless steel one? It is About HK$5,800!
As the one shown here, Auto Omega Movement 22 jewels 5 position Adjusted, a super watch with Super value.

This is what minimum Money could buy such a great watch that was more expensive than Submariner back to 1960.

HK Snob

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Nice watch!