Saturday, August 1, 2015

When Richard Mille Meets Richard Mille


When we had a meeting with Omega Elite CEO, Asia Pacific sales director and his personal body guard of a Muay Thai master...
and group of friends as the potential interested parties for the Omega Elite Phone at Peninsular Lobby Coffee Shop, there was a parcel sent from Richard Mille to our hotel via Ferrari, that is a Big plastic bag with size of a sack of 50 kg cement!

When it was opened, we could see a big box which contained a smaller box and the small box contained the RM-11!

That is a beautiful watch made by Richard Mille, it is heavy as it is entire block of Rose gold case to house a few hundred parts inside. I love the way they display the Date under a Rectangular box with slant red strip to catch your attention.  The background is White and the data wheel is a black Date mask on a transparent sapphire disk. Good design!

The owner of the watch had had a RM-11-02 with him, and I could see him scrutinizing his new toy RM11 with smile.

He is of course using Omega Elite Phone… He carried the new Watch to tour around Hong Kong…
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