Saturday, September 13, 2014


Learnt from Suzanne Wong of Revolution Asia Magazine the terms WIS (Watch idiot Savant)
Yes, I am a Watch idiot but not a watch savant! There are a lot of watch savants in the world.
However, I think "WIS" is a nice term to describe those people who love watches...

Friend of mine talked to me his friend has a lot of Rolex, probbaly 30 Piecs of White Gold 1803 of different colour, I think he can join this RPR, Rolex Passion Report club!

You may feel the same as me to open my eyes to see so many good stuff they have!

Hey, does not matter, there is always a higher mountain, there is always a Richer people, there is always having people who has 5,000 Rolexes...It is odorous to compare!

Sometimes it is a pleasure to see how many good stuff someone has. From there the more I learn, the more I feel I know nothing. More watch one has, more humble he behaves as he knows there is a lot of big mountains in this world.

Have Fun on what you have!

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