Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I always have a Dream!

Do you have a Dream?
I do, no matter what sometimes I wish I could had my dreams come true.

When I was young I planned to be a See Fu of Kung Fu, I was amazed with Bruce lee’s kicks that come and go…in fraction of a Second faster than any camera could catch.

I remember he made a demonstration he kicked the iconic lamp on top of his head where he stood!

I tried to follow, practice, and I could kick at a height of 7', I was 5’ 3” only, Well, I made it., but that is not the real kung Fu… the Kung Fu dream lives on…

Back to 1985, when I met my first beloved wife who was to pretty and kind…. I married her after 7 days we met and I stayed with her for two years in Thailand…. Doing nothing, just Kung Fu practice… I was criticized as “Tsee Sinn” Crazy by my friend who knew me…

Well, up to this moment, that two years could  ikely the best time in my life…

After a whilst I was “Tsee Sinn” on Watches… this is not just Crazy, but it is like ghost that possesses me sincce 80s’;  and  I always thought That it could be a great happiness If I could have a Rolex Day Date ( or any Rolex in Gold! I got it From Kiu Tai Yu, that was a Bubble back Date Just 14K watch, I paid with HKD$5,000 in 1986. And later on my next dream of watch is AP, what if I could buy one… I got it later on…

But when I get older, those watches to me is not too meaningful after I own a few piece of watch , a Rolex… as Rolex was my first  Ghost came into my heart!

Well, I have owned a few pieces of Rolex once in a whilst, I upgraded it by selling and buying… somehow it was great fun was I EARNED some money after I sold it… Somehow this kind of dream made me get into real crazy….

One the other hand, I miss a few good occasions to get some of the POTENTIAL watches, but due to my limited RESOUCES (money), I had REGRET,.. many people know me I missed at least two of the GOOD Watches… one of them is the Submariner 16613 with Lapis Azuli Dial, at HKD$120,000 . I was sold at auction 6 months later at HKD$730,000..... " &*$^$&#)#&$&:)L"

Now I always tell to my friend, or someone who knows me if you want to buy good watch, these are some of the guide line (my own opinion only)

1.Buy no ME-TOO watches
2.Buy Ugly Watch nowadays ( it may be tomorrow’s beauty, not always, but quite often)
3.Condition, Condition, always go for the best condition
4.Always get the first ONE, the first lot, the first Release…
5.Complete set, unless you are going to use it every day.
6.If you have question, ask your friend, if still there is question; let the fish goes!
7.Wait and Smile!

This is my dream… and I hope one day I can catch a beautiful fish!

Today’s airport I “met” Charlize Theron… I grasped my Note III on an Impulse and make this Picture..
It is also my dream to meet her!

HK Snob
Watch Fever
Kung Fu Mister (not master)


Anonymous said...

Hi HK Snob

I also have a dream. A dream of owning my first Rolex 16610! I'll see you in Manila and we can make this dream a reality in HK.

See you soon!

HK Snob said...

Hi Michael,
Yes, we all do have a dream.
Your 16610, mine Charlie Angels Dream!
Meet you in Manila then Hong Kong!
Watch Fever