Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project X and Rolex Watches at Lane Crawford, IFC , Central HK

These are Vintage Rolex watches

Project X Submariner Two Tone in DLC Black

Project X Daytona is HKD$198,900 each, leather strap is HKD$3,270

Many blogger friends had asked me about these Rolex wearing different “Jacket!”

Project X, where you can find these colour and DLC cases and bracelet of Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Milguass etc at Lane Crawford of IFC, Central.

These are all they have at a small corner, beside an ice-cream kiosk where you can be offered FREE ice cream, no place else you can have such kind of quality Ice cream Free in all HK shopping mall!

Colour is Fantastic, Black, Green, Red Daytona Dial, Black Submarine case bracelet that no Rolex can offer.
Price is about 2 to 2.4X of original Rolex!

Interested party, please go and see, wait! There is no discount at Lane Crawford I believe,
If there is also crazy sales in Dec on Project X watch, I will let you know by then!

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