Friday, September 12, 2014

Creamy Dial of Rolexes

Tabacco Patina Dial
Couresy Picture of

Snow White transition dial
Couresy Picture of

Date Just or Daytona? Black or White?
Recently I was addicted some of the Dutch, Japanese Danish egg, they are all labeled organic farm egg I don't their Chemical construction, but the colour of the yolk is different.
Reddish orange is the Danish whilst the other ordinary egg is yellow. The taste is also different, the egg white seems chewable, the yolk tasted stronger and the the favour of the yolk is complicated as those 30 years Po Er tea or the Chateau Angelus 1989!
As for Rolex Dial, there is always a tendency of change of colour over the years, say after 20-40 years.
When the so called “White” would becoming creamy beige!
A creamy dial is a few times more expensive than the white one, Well, there might be reason why the colour has changed from white to Creamy? The formula of the creamy luminous paint of Submariner , the aging effect of the ultra violet and heat over the year, it changes colour of the dial, from snow white transition, creamy, yellow patina, tobacco patina… more even more intense of the colour, Likely to be more expensive!
Because of the value of it, more and more fake patina colour dial in the market by some of the genius who applies colouring,  accelerated aging method under some chemical and ultra violet light. This kind of watch dial may not last as the original Rolex Dial.
It takes a lot of experience to tell if that is original natural aging or not, I am not good at this, but I am trying to learn from some of the expert, but for certain uncertain dial, I rather stay away from it…
Side Track
Most of the people like to go Daytona Black rather than White, well, because of the very small number of Black released from Rolex.
The price of Rolex Daytona Ref 116520 Black is HKD$98,000 and White is HKD$90,000.

If I were asked to buy Daytona Stainless steel again, I would rather take the white one for reasons:

1. Cheaper
2. Availablility in Rolex AD
3. Clearer to read the time, ( I use it)
4. More Chance to have the White Dial to change to creamy (really) after 20 years,
Someone said no as the new Rolex dial painting technology has been improved,
Well, Who know what will happen after 20 years.

HK Snob
Watch Fever
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

And the black dial cost about 5 to 10k. you can buy a white Daytona and a black dial and still be cheaper than a black Daytona in the pre-owned market.

HK Snob said...

Hi, First of all, Rolex does not sell spares directly.

My colleague used this method to ask for the changing black white dial for his white Daytona. Price of a new Daytona dial is approx. HKD$2,800.

After waiting for one year, Rolex kept saying no stock of Black Dial.

Really No stock?

Rolex does not want to give without any reason only.

They can make 5,000 black dial in two weeks ...

Friend of mine finally dropped this idea and stays with his white dial.

You have a chance unless you find some manufacturing defects on your white dial as new.

But i believe Rolex QC had filtered this before the the watch was packed in Geneva.

3 ways, put order at Rolex shop manager, and wait,

or find one in HK pre-owned watch open market.

Put deposit asking for this watch at your friendly Rolex connection.

HK Snob

H K Snob