Sunday, September 21, 2014

President Ninoy visit to France

President of Philippines and France met on 18 Sept

The one who take care President Ninoy should take note on Presidents collar, the whole day was flipped up.  Seems he had forgotten to check on mirror, but where is his followers who could remind him!?

I always think that a loafer may not be too appropriate to this high profile meeting…between two countries. I have seen Ronald Regan used to wear loafer besides using Florsheim imperial, but he was a movie star….got to have a style!

Well, Ninoy shoes is Gucci, that indicates that the President is one of the adorers of French Luxury brands…But watches, still Swiss made … he used to wear his Breguet Chronometers, but I have no ways to confirm if this is the one in his French Visit.

I have been missing seeing this president in his favourite restaurant as I want to sell watches to him..LOL
He is really could buy, as he is from the Richest Philippino Family!
HK Snob

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