Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Roger Dubuis at Watches & Wonders 2014 HK

I had no chance to see the new release of Hommage Repeater on 30 Sep morning as it was not ready to be shown, may be today.
I love Roger Dubuis since I saw them in 2006 at Sogo Department store situated at Four Faced Buddha of Bangkok.
A lot of critics to compare Roger Dubuis with Patek Philippe, well, that is good as at least they put them as one category for comparison!
There was also a lot of people criticized Wing Chun as a feminine kind of martial arts, not until they discovered that is a superb kind of Kung Fu who could convert your foes' energy to your own!
Who knows that one days RG would be the watch trend setter? Remember they have only 20 years history, they are very young and their watches are being classified as one of the best prefered watches for new China Celebrity in Shanghai and Beijing.
There are a lot of things HK should move forward to keep up with these cities, not just economic development, city infrastructure planning, eductation, culture and the way we love our country, besides Choice of watches. This is my personal opinion only, nothing related to RG.
In my hiring interview with the candidates, more than 70% is China visiting-students who got their first and second degrees in HK, my question is where are those HK student which was used to be dominate 100% as the incomig applicants for customer service of sales engineers... now I know, as I see a lot of them in Central!

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