Friday, September 26, 2014

Rolex GMT Master II White Gold Ref 116719 is arriving Hong Kong soon!

Rolex GMT Master Ad in 70s.

Rolex Ref 1670 in Tokyo, pictured by Australian Michael (Watch Fever's friend ) on 23 Sep 2014

BaselWorld 2014 Rolex GMT Master II ref 116719

Rolex Ref 116719 White Gold GMT Master II

Rolex Cerachrom Red, a Iconic Red Colour on Rolex ceramic Bezel under manufacturing.

Rolex GMT Master II White Gold Ref 116719 is arriving Hong Kong very soon.

Well, this is a special Watch for most of the people being an adorer of a vintage 1570 with Pepsi colour.

Since 2005, Rolex started making the first ceramic black bezel,  then we could see the Blue on GMT master II Ref 116710BLNR Black Blue (Batman) in 2013 , which is still one of the hit models after Daytona black 15620, Submariner Hulk 116610LV, not until now Rolex had successfully made as a result of scientific studies with different sorts of chemical ingredient and pigment to create this Red Blue Cerachrom for the first time.

Also, White Gold is being used on the GMT Master as for the first time, so the GMT Master stands out so differently with the  "Snow White" appearance as the light grey white of stainless steel 904L.

It could be a nice dress watch in party as well as the precise instrument for Pilot.

Well, we have being waiting for this watch’s arrival, as this watch carries a very solid firm blue and the ruby red of the Chateau Mouton 82 colour as comparing with the colour on bezel of GMT Master Ref 1670.

Even look at it at a distance of 10 metres, within ten of milliseconds, people could still recognize this is a White Gold GMT Master II.

You should place your name card or telephone number at your nearby Rolex AD to reserve this watch is made with small number. And I believe city celebrity cannot wait to buy it.

One of the Rolex Ad is offering this watch to the one who could pay for HKD$320,000 on this special watch once it arrives Hong Kong if you want to wear it as for the first time once on arrival

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Anonymous said...

The vintage GMT is labeled incorrectly. That is definitely not a 1570. I believe it is a 1675.

HK Snob said...

oh man, you have got eagles eyes!

hk snob