Sunday, September 21, 2014

The thinner and smaller does not lose its watch beauty and elegancy

Jaeger has been one of the largest Swiss OEM for Hi Quality Caliber for many of the exquisite Watch makers in Switzerland, AP, PP, VC, Piaget…

I had been having a Manual Winding Jaeger Pink Gold reverse back in 1989. But I sold it to friend of mind. That was one of the classic watches from Jaeger.

As time go by they have to keep up the trend to make larger watch for men.
Somehow I still think that some of the fine small watches couldn’t be better when it is worn on some of the finery lady’s wrist.

Jaeger, AP, and Piaget used to build good smaller elegant Watches…

These is the world Smallest watch… and the other is the men’s watch of Jaeger Master Calendar Ref1558420.

I just got a special discount to make the nett price down below HK$64,000. I think that is a good entry point for someone who want a functional watch at same time a good quality Swiss Dress watch …

Jaeger LeCoultre is one of your choices.

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