Monday, September 1, 2014

Rolex DeepSea D-Blue Soon to Arrive HK

The Long waiting Rolex DeepSea D-blue Ref116660 soon to arrive HK, according to one of the major Hong Kong AD Managers told me today, it will be Estimated to reach HK about 10 Sept.
Anyway, once I got the news, I will inform you.
Singapore had the first DeepSea appeared beginning of last week selling at HKD$100,500 estimated after Sin-HK conversion.
HK price will be HKD$90,500, I think There will be NO Discount!

Please Reserve at your nearby Rolex AD.

And I believe the GMT master II Ref 116710BLNR Black Blue and Submariner Hulk Ref 116610LV should have more stock after the Swiss Summer Vacation!

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