Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amazing Story at Kuen Kee Watch Company

What do you think if one day you jump into one Pre owned watch shop and ask Prices, discount on one watches... but you did not buy, and then you ask another one, and you did not buy… even use your handphone to take picture of the watch on your wrist!?

What is in your mind that the Maximum Number of Watches that the old man could possibly let you try,  and “ play” like this…

Remember, Hong Kong has fast pace shopping culture, they don't have patience to entertain you like this…..
2 Watches?
3 watches?
watches… seems to be the upper limited, right ?

Well, this person has tried to put 15 watches on her hand one by one, took picture using the other hand.

Lili must be very charming, very sweet and most of all very pretty!!

Lili has successfully tested the limit allowing her to asked, tried, and pictured 15 Different watches in Kuen Kee on 3 Sep!
Next time you go Kuen Kee, can you try!?

Normally shops in HK is not likely to allow you take picture on their products especially with price!

Warning : 
Don't follow Lili as you likely would have been kicked out to the street unless you are City celebrity or someone charming like Lili ...LOL!

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